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Sewing Canvas Laundry Bags.

The wife asked me a while back for a frame to hold laundry bags, instead of using the baskets we do now.  I have yet to make the frame but today I sewed the bags.  I traded for a few yards of canvas duck material last year.  I had been waiting to find a use for it.

The only problem with this is that, when I went to use the sewing machine my Grandmother had given us, it was not working well.  I ended up taking it apart and it had a broken gear.  Having replaced gears before, in Singer sewing machines, I took a look at where this gear was located and decided I might look at newer machines.

I found a “Heavy Duty” Singer for $119, Brand New.  After speaking with my Mother-in-law, who is an amazing seamstress, she recommended a simple machine. I got this one.  No fancy business.  11 stitches and it does button holes.  Perfect, I ordered it.



I have a tiny bit of sewing experience,  I took a home economics class way back when and have putzed around a bit.  But this machine really amazed me.  It is very strong and has no issue sewing through 4 layers of canvas.  I made the bags like giant pillow cases and sewed the top over so I could put grommets and paracord to close them.



Grommet Pliers and a grommet. They have a neat punch on top to make the hole.


Straight seam and grommet with the cord in.


I had these little clips laying around so i put them on the cords.


I tied some nice lanyard knots on the ends of the cord.


It looks so fancy.


This bag is going to hold a lot of dirty undies!

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