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Winter is Coming

To quote the Starks of Winterfell, “Winter is coming.”  That is for sure, a few small snowfalls have us preparing for the inevitable large snow occurrence that will happen in the near future.

We really finished cleaning the yard this time, I put on the last 6 shingles on the shed, and we putzed about completing a bunch of small tasks that needed to be accomplished.

The big task of the day was clearing some brush on the side of the driveway to put the camper in there.  After running the saw for about 2 hours I had everything cut down, cleaned up and moved over to the wood area for splitting into next years kindling.



Speaking of kindling, I have always wanted taller chopping block.  Something that is easier for me to work at with the hatchet without having to bend over.  I have aspirations of making a nice one with log legs and boring holes in the bottom of the chopping block.  Well, this was way faster.  It is not pretty but Works.  I think it needs a larger base to be a bit more stable but for now, It works great and I used more scrap lumber from my cleaning out my folks garage to make it.


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