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Kitchen Cabinets
DIY Cabinets, Pocket Holes, Holzmiete Construction.

This weekend was cabinet weekend.  I have built 10 cabinets this past week.  I really enjoyed the project, the total cost was about $200 in materials.  All of the cabinets were built out of 12″ wide pine boards.  These were also my project using pocket screw joinery.  A popular name brand for this tool is the Kreg Jig.

I am using a Harbor Freight knock off, and it works great.  The major issue with this joinery system is drilling hundreds of holes.  Other than that it is strong, easy and pretty fast.  Less than 10 hours of work to cut, drill, assemble and hang a set of cabinets.  That is pretty good for an amateur.

We also finished filling the woodshed and started building a holzmiete.  This is a round wood stacking method that is native to several cultures.  The Germans call it a holzmiete.  Here is a good description on building one:  It was a bit fiddly, when we started out but I think it will turn out ok.  Once I finish this one I am going to build another one and take better pictures during the entire process.


2 Responses to DIY Cabinets, Pocket Holes, Holzmiete Construction.

  1. Scott says:

    Looks awesome Pat! So a few questions brother… are there plans you followed online to construct these? You mentioned you do a lot of youtubing’. Lastly, where did you purchase the 12″ pine? Thanks in advance!

    • Pat Norton says:

      There really were not any plans for this. I sort of followed a couple videos on making boxes and other things. Pocket holes are so easy to use.

      I got the 12″ pine from my local lumber yard. I am sure most any lumber yard will have 1×12″ pine boards.

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