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He was quite friendly after he realized I was not going to hurt him.
Identify this Bird. And another drawer got made.

Just before pulling into the cabin I saw this bird in the road.  I stopped the truck, and got out.  I figured that would scare him off.  Nope. It stood its ground and fluffed up like it was going to give me the business.  So I shut off the truck and went and got some welding gloves.  I was not going to let this bird commit suicide by hanging out in the road.

It let me pick it up without much of a fight and it did not appear to be injured.  It could flap its wings and move around just fine.  It actually seemed to like hanging out on my hand and posed real nice for pictures.  I am curious if anyone knows what kind of bird this is.

I set it off on the side of the road and went about my business.  I went back an hour later and it was gone so I hope mamma came and found it or it rested up enough to fly off.  It was a pretty neat experience anyways.

Then I started building the pull out cabinet.  I got the bottom done and mounted and the top glued up.  I just need to finish the frame tomorrow.

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