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Looking better
Hey we moved.

So much has happened in the past couple days that I have not really had time to type out an update.

We moved.  If you would like my new address send me a facebook message.  I will seriously correspond with anyone who enjoys writing letters.  Send me some postal mail and I will surely send something back.

The fiber is installed and I am loving it.  Very nice guy came to do the install it took a few hours but when he left I have a phone that works, msg me for the number, and blazing fast internet.

As a side effect of moving everything is in a total state of disaster.  The shed was full of piles of stuff the house was full of piles of stuff.  The wife attacked the house and I did the shed.  I got some lumber and built a ramp as well as a bunch of shelves.  The ramp is really nice to walk up and down and that way I can get the lawnmower in there eventually.

I need the space for the tools in the shed so I can make more storage for inside the house.  Sort of an evil catch 22.  But each day I make some more progress.  That feels good and is important.  Have a wonderful evening folks.  I am totally exhausted.

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