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Did you lock up your Rabbets?

Continuing my foray into more refined carpentry skills.  I watched some youtube videos on using a dado set and drawer joinery.  The best mix of strength and ease of use was the lock rabbet.  It is essentially a normal rabbet except there is a small tenon that goes on the front and back of the drawer to add a lot of strength to keep the front from popping off after being slammed 1000 times.

If anyone thought table saws were not scary enough.  Try one with multiple spinning blades of death on them.  It is epic scary.  Hands out of the cutting zone for sure.

This drawer frame is pine scrap from the doors.  The drawer bottom was beadboard scrap from the doors as well.  I used this to try out my cutting and fitting skills before getting into the more expensive materials for the real drawers.  I think they are quite serviceable.

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