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All the Doors hung.
Cabinet Doors Hung and Shelves made.

Today was one of those days I like to call bonus days.  I go to work and get one thing done, today that was finishing the door hinges.  It goes so well that I get a whole other project done too.  The doors took me less than an hour so I started cutting up some 3/4″ plywood for shelves.

The guys who built the cabinet carcasses did a terrible job with the shelf peg holes so I just ripped some 1.5″ strips of plywood to hold the shelves and screwed them to the supports.  Simple and easy.  An no one unloads their shelves to adjust them.  EVER.  So they are fixed and that is fine.

I also had a double cabinet that was getting a shelf too.  Well I could not fit a full size shelf in from the front.  I really should have done that before I screwed them together.  Lesson learned.  So I made a multipart shelf at different levels and assembled it inside the carcass.  It looks great accept for one measurement that was off by a 1/4″ and allows the shelf support to be visible.

Now on to drawers.  That is going to be fun.  I love the tablesaw and its multiple spinning blades of death.

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