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We cleaned about 80% of the floor tonight.

Got a bunch done over the past two days.  Desk top is mounted, doors are painted.  We started cleaning the floor tonight and got like 80% or so done.  We had to move everything to clean the floor so it is all piled up in one corner.  We will move everything out of that corner to clean there eventually.  Tomorrow we are going to start bringing some of the last bit in storage and set up the bed to get an idea of how it fills the space.

There are a few spots on the floor that the simple green didn’t clean.  Those are most likely primer.  Going to have to slather a bit of paint thinner on there and see if I can get that to come off.  Also the previous owners duct taped carpet to the floor by the door.  That adhesive is going to need some persuasion as well.

Really starting to look like a house now.  Can’t wait to start setting stuff up in there.

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