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Desk second coat of paint.
Trim Level Deluxe.

A surprising amount of work got done tonight.  Sanded the desk, and the wife put a second coat on it.  I put trim on a few more things.  I seem to keep finding things to put trim on but I am totally out of cut offs now so I think I am really done.  I even did the electrical box.  And once it was on, I realized it was out of square so I took it off and fixed it.

I installed the wash stand and chip box lid that the wife has been staining.  It looks amazing.  Much better than plain pine.  The wife was on fire and painted two of the doors as well.  I sort of just putzed around putting trim on this and that and wandering around.  I did manage to start cleaning stuff up, since I really almost done with construction.  Besides the cabinets but we need to start cleaning so we can clean the floor.

Feeling better about the cabinet doors at least hopefully I can order that material soon and start working on them once I pick up a few tools.

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