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Future site of mission control.
The future site of mission control

Really making some progress now.  The space is defined and the details are pouring in.  I built this monster L-shaped desk tonight.  I had been researching and planning.  You all may remember my 3d model, well here it is in Real-D.  I tweaked a few things from the model to make it work with the stud locations in the wall but this desk is pretty amazing.  It is 8 feet on each side minus about 6 inches on one of the left side.

I am going to cut some cord holes, rout the edges and paint it now.  I am super excited to work on it now.  There is so much space, that I might even share about 2 feet of it with the wife.  Check out the instructable if you want to make your own.  The whole desk cost about $60.  And I am pretty sure I could stand on it.  Triangles are great for strength.

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