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Storage almost empty.
Storage Unit and Shelving Solutions

It was a busy weekend around the homestead.  Two really long days of moving stuff and putting some finishing touches on the cabin.  We cleaned out the storage unit with two trips full of stuff.  The wife has to make one more stop on the way home from work and we are released from throwing $85 a month away to store our stuff.  It is all at the cabin now, or in the shed.  A wonderful feeling.

It rained off and on sunday so we made a couple runs from the little house to the cabin with stuff.  Between the thunder cells we either unloaded, loaded or worked inside.  We got a whole bunch of stuff moved, mostly building materials and tools.  We did loose a wheelbarrow on the highway at 40 mph.  It came right out of the trailer 2x.  Once landing upright the other, it cartwheeled spectacularly.  I am glad to report that it is hardly even scratched.  True Temper makes a solid wheel barrow.

In another big step we started organizing the rooms and putting stuff in place.  The rumpus room is pretty much set up, and I installed the shelving units by the door and in the bedroom.  I really like the closetmaid system.  We used it at 3200 and took it with us to install here.  With no closets, it is nice to turn a whole wall into a closet in about 1 hour.  It is very easy to work with and very sturdy.  It is totally modular and can be reconfigured at will.

Now on to cabinets, I should have the wood in for the cabinet doors on Tuesday, now i need to order hinges and drawer slides as well as some pulls.  Come on Norvado, install my fiber cables, we are so close to moving.


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