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I finished up the door trim.

I got in a couple hours of work today before heading off to a meeting in Ashland.  It does seen strange that I only seem to manage about 3-4 hours of work on a weekend.  I keep thinking that I would get more time to work on the weekends but it never seems to happen.

Weekends always seem to be the days where I run around or spend half of the day doing errands.  I get way more work done during the week it seems but I suppose 5 days of 3-4 hours of work is a lot more that the 2 weekend days.

So we finished the door trim and the wife painted the squat box.  I had to re-adjust two of the doors before I put the trim on.  I am not sure if it was the humidity, temperature changes or the weight of the doors being on for a couple weeks but they shifted enough to start rubbing on the door frames.  I figured it was easier to fix that before I put the trim on that have to take it off to do it again.  Here is to hoping nothing changes requiring me to take the trim back off.

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