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Final Window Trim, stain, and desk work.

Got a bunch of work done today.  All well within my comfort zone at this point.  We went to the hardware store and picked up a polyurethane, stain combo for the bathroom wash stand, paint for the desk, a router bit, halogen bulb and some other misc stuff.

When we got back I got the light working.  One of the contacts was pretty corroded so it took a bit of horsing around to get the light working but it works great now and the motion sensor is also working.

I finished up the base trim for the windows.  It all looks great, very classic look and I am happy with it.  I routed a nice round over on the desk, cut cord holes in it and then sanded it.  The wife stained the bathroom wash stand and it looks great with the walnut stain on the pine boards.

I picked up some more pine 1×4′s for the door casement extension and started working on getting the opening prepped for installing those.  I have to take the doors of the hinges to finish that so it needed to wait til tomorrow.  Really looking good in there now as we finish up these last details.

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