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We did the largest window first in case I cut a piece too short it would fit one of the smaller windows.
Dead Sexy Window Trim

So on this stage of the project, I went into this knowing nothing.  Absolutely nothing about window trim, or jamb extensions.  So I watched a bunch of youtube videos and read a bunch of articles.  This video in particular was the key to my success.  And the Guy totally looks like Brett Favre.

So, in two hours I measured, cut, built and installed the jamb extensions.  These are needed because my walls are 2×6″ construction and they installed vinyl windows which are like 2 inches wide.  So one must do something with that space.  I chose paint grade pine for this job because it was affordable, and if I made a mistake I was out like $5 for a new board.  I am super happy with the way they came out considering I had no clue what I was doing when I started.

Tomorrow I will finish the other two while the Wife primes them for paint.

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