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We finished the crown molding!

We finished up the crown molding tonight.  I am rather excited about this not only because we did it so fast but the fact that it looks rather nice.  Sure it is not perfect but I really like the look it gives the place.

I also had a realization tonight as we were working that I felt really comfortable working with the molding at this point.  I was measuring, cutting and nailing with confidence.  I have discovered that at the 75% completion point of any stage of this project, I begin to feel really quite comfortable with what I am doing.  It is usually at that point, I make a mistake.  It happened tonight but It was recoverable, the wife had painted a piece of scrap and I ended up needing it because I cut one piece an inch short.  Minor issue.

But the interesting thing about the learning curve is that it feels really good when you reach that peak of the bell curve.  The work becomes pleasurable.  There is witty banter, chatting about the next stage of the project, and work flows seamlessly.  I hope that when I finish, I remember the last 25% of each stage more than the first 75% because that first part is pretty rough.  The reward, however is worth it.

There are a few major things coming up now:

  1. Door Trim
  2. Window Jamb extensions and trim.
  3. Building my desk.
  4. Building the bathroom sink.
  5. Finishing the lower kitchen cabinets – doors and drawers.
  6. Building and hanging kitchen cabinet uppers.
  7. Final paint on the trim.
  8. Clean up.

I think most of this stuff should be done in a couple weeks.  Then I really need to get the bobcat fixed and ready for transport, because it will be moving time.

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