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The Painting Has Started

We started painting tonight.  I had estimated 10 gallons to cover the walls and ceilings for 2 coats.  The meant that we would need to get darn close to everything done for the first coat.  Well we were a bit shy on that one.  We rolled 5 gallons of Killz2 Sealer Primer tonight.  I worked with the roller on an extension, doing the ceilings, and wall tops.  The wife did the lower walls.

I thought I was excited to paint.  Until I started painting and then I remembered I don’t really like painting anymore than drywall.  In fact I was not excited to paint I was just really really glad to be done with the drywall.  In painting I found some spots that need a bit more sanding or a slap of joint compound.  So I am going to finish coat one on the wall and one half that need it, sand and fill a few gouges tomorrow.  If I am feeling really adventurous.  I am going to do some brush edging.  I forgot how much work it is running a roller on the ceilings.  My shoulders are killing me.  I am really hoping we can spray the color coats.  Much easier.  Enjoy some photos of primed walls.

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