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The Last Door

Today was supposed to be a putzing day.  But the wife ended up showing up early and helping me get the last door in.  It was by far the easiest.  I am getting a lot better at hanging doors.

I put the ceiling fans back together.  Moved the cabinets to where they are going and did a bunch of clean up.  I ordered my crown molding and door casement trim.  That should be here tomorrow but I am not picking it up til Friday.  Starting to look livable, well closer anyways.

Also ordered the outdoor shower bag today.  It was warm enough to remind me that it will be nice to shower outside soon.  I just got one of those solar bag camp showers.  Going to make a little tripod or stand for it in the next week or so.  Lots to do, lots to do.  But soon we will be done.  I am really looking forward to trying my hand at some of this trim stuff.

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