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Road covered.
Super Scary Storm.

I was over at the cabin working on my half day friday.  I was just tooling along cutting and installing some trim when the weather radio went off.  Thunderstorm, headed our way.  Ok.  They were calling for damaging winds, and ping pong ball sized hail.  I am used to dime and pea, but ping-pong is big and that was spotter verified.  So I hunker down and keep working til it hits the fan.  I am watching the trees bend and shake, and then off the back of the house, a tree snaps in half.  It was the one Jack Pine we left in the clearing we just cut, I guess it was lonely and gave up.

After the storm I worked for a bit longer and ended up trimming two doors, I never got photos because I was going to come back but when I left the cabin there were trees down all over the road.  I went back and grabbed the chain saw.  I know that there are some older folks, who despite not being super friendly, couldn’t get out if I left the trees there.  As I was getting to the trees, a farmer from down the road was coming to check his cows down the road, so I guess it was a good thing I was being neighborly.  We chatted as I cut up the trees and he helped me til he could get past.  I finished up cutting and headed home.

Being sick and BBQing with the neighbors I was just too tired to head back to the cabin.  To bed early and working tomorrow I think.

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