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Paint Finished

With the exception of the corner that was behind the furnace, we are done painting.  The first coat covered so well, there we only a few spots that really needed a second coat.  I am pretty sold on this Sherwin Williams paint.  Besides giving me 35% off on the paint since it was a contractor over buy, It is really nice paint.

I measured for base and moldings, casement extensions, window and door trim as well.  Hopefully I can order trim Wednesday, for the Thursday delivery.  And get all my tools set up to hang that, and put in some doors.  Make casement extensions, sills and all that good stuff.  Things are moving along quite nicely.  I was not expecting to be done with painting yet.  Except with two of us, we painted the whole house in less than 4 hours.  Which is not too shabby.

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