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Memorial Weekend – Lots of work getting done.

First off, thank you to all of you I know who have served in the Armed services.  You are all the reason I have the freedom to move to the woods and build my dreams.  Despite the issues I have with this country, it is my home and I respect all of those who have served to protect it and continue to do so.

I had a really fantastic weekend.  The Donut King of Port Wing returned for a working weekend at the cabin.  There was painting of trim, logging, brush hogging, shooting, BBQ-ing, drinking, and fraternizing.  Many things were accomplished.  Much fun was had.  I have some video that I shot felling a tree and the wife shooting and hitting a target with a 12ga shotgun to come after they get edited.  I also missed my first great video with the gopro, after changing batteries the damn thing switched to snapshot mode and took a picture of my face instead of filming us felling a 50 foot tree.  I guess I need to fell another dead tree.

We built a tripod to hold the solar shower out of some Aspens we cut down.  There are about 6 million of these on the acreage so we are using them as we clear some of the scrub.

We painted a bunch of trim.

We also started installing the trim.  Nail guns are amazing tools.  I also am getting better with each corner but I can say for sure, finish carpentry is an ART! I am still a neophyte here when it comes to carpentry at this skill level. Just a small difference in the corners really makes a big difference and requires a lot of fidgeting to get it all to fit and look decent.

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