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I may have hope as a carpenter.

The wife painted an enormous amount of casement trim for all the doors and windows.  I putzed around and put up one piece of trim, then realized I could not do any more because I somehow missed a piece, or cut that piece for something else.  So I cut the piece I needed and she painted it.  While I was watching her work really hard. I managed to start doing some more precision carpentry.

I cut and fit some pine for the shower bucket window.  This was really good practice because it is the same exact process that I will be using for the jamb extensions.  I am somewhat impressed with myself since I am not working from any plans or guides.  I ripped down some 1×6″ pine to 4.5″ to fill the opening and used 1×8″ for the stool.  I will put some casement trim around it as well.  Just like a window.  Well, sort of, the stool does not extend like it would normally on a window because that would obstruct other trim.  Anyways, I managed to do all that cut, fit, nail and it all worked, looks good and it is solid enough to hold that 40 lbs of water when the bucket is full.

We also both started coming down with a cold.  This development may slow building for the next couple days…

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