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2nd Primer Coat Finished

Tomorrow, we are headed into Ashland to get the finish paint.  And trim paint.  Hopefully ordering trim next week as well as spraying the house on Sunday or Monday.  Things are rapidly coming together.  Pretty soon I am going to be cutting and painting Moldings, and bathroom trim as well as installing the cabinet bases, building shelves and sink basins.  I am really looking forward to doing something that requires thinking instead of just work.

I saw this lady on the way to work on the house.  Oh and between the wife and I we painted the whole house today.  I had a half day so I put in about 7 hours and she helped with 2 of her own

P5090056 P5090057

One Response to 2nd Primer Coat Finished

  1. Joyce Florczak says:

    Looks great, all that hard work shows up in the project. Also love the wild life photo!!!

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