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Look at that taped seam.
Tape and Mud

So not a lot to post an update about the progress is pretty boring at this point.  Pretty much once you see some drywall tape, and a few taped joints they all sort of look the same.

But we are slowly making progress.  The house is really humid and the premix joint compound is taking forever to dry.  Going on three days for the stuff that we started with.  We are also struggling with the way the drywall in the cabin was installed before we bought it.  The never taped it and I can see why.  They must have bought 12 foot sheets and installed them vertically, then cut the tops off and used the pieces all over the place.  It is a mess.  Factory seams against butt pieces, vertical and horizontal seams overlapping.  So rather than taking it all down, we are just taping, a lot!  There is most of a 5 gal pail of mud up so far, and over 300′ in tape and I still have the ceiling and some wall seams to do.  I am going to get pretty good at feathering or we are going to have to sand a lot.

We also have the shower panels glued up and caulked.  I need to get a finished picture of that up here.  But I have a few more small pieces to put up after I figure out the shelf for the shower bucket.  Anyways, that is about it, just working away on it pretty much every night.  Enjoying some Brewers wins to keep me entertained.

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