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Saturday was more Framing and a lot of figuring.

I worked on the bathroom pretty much all day today.  I got a lot done but there was a whole lot of time spent figuring out what to do.  There are a lot of heights and things that went into figuring out the correct height of the shower base and the 3/4 wall that will hold the shower bucket.

P3300087So this is the platform for the shower base.  Since this is a “dry” cabin, we do not have running water.  We haul water from an artesian well about 5 miles away.  This shower will have a restaurant “bus” pan underneath to catch the water, that we will then take outside.  In the summer, I plan to build a solar shower but this will work great in the winter, until the sauna gets built.  So the platform is there to raise thepan up high enough to slide the drain pan in and out.


Here is the plywood subfloor that the shower pan sits on.  Before I cut the drain hole in it.


This is shot of the 3/4 wall that will have a shelf on it for holding the shower bucket.  I have not made it yet, but I have a couple options.  You fill it with water and put it up on the shelf then turn on the spigot.  Works great.  Or I have a pump sprayer with a sink sprayer head on it.  Not sure which will work out best.  There will be some experimentation with this.  I put a couple extra studs in this wall since 5 gallons of water is 40lbs.  I am making this up as I go along so I hope this setup works.


Wide shot of the 3/4 wall and platform.


Shower pan installed.


Careful measuring of the seat height was taken into consideration.


I also got the rough frame for the humanure bucket toilet done as well.  There are a few more interesting things to get framed here such as the cat door and wood chip bin.  Maybe tomorrow or in the next few days.

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