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How to Make a Stinky Sno Cone: Stinky Gringo

What to do when you are up north, and happen to have a bottle of the best pre-mixed Margarita mix?  Make stinky sno cones of course.

Take your pint canning jar outside and fill it with snow, pack it in there really good, especially if it is the light fluffy stuff.  Be wary if you have a dog, no yellow snow in the jar, it will be impossible to tell if someone makes one for you, so you should always fill your own jar of snow.


Next open the Stinky Gringo, I only like the lime, and I mean REALLY like the lime.  If you have not tried this mix, really, go try it.  You will be out like $15 and it has as much tequila as I would normally put in a margarita I mixed myself.  The first one is a bit rough but it is downhill to insanity afterwards.  Fill up that pint jar and enjoy.



Let Mother Nature provide for you with this delicious blended margarita with no work at all.  When life gives you snow, don’t fret, make stinky sno cones.  You will no longer even care about the snow.


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