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New House Redesign Layout.

This is what the building we bought looks like right

So most of you know we bought a property.  If not, here is your notice.  It is outside Iron River, WI.  It is really nice.  Building built in 2005, 800 sq feet, metal siding, metal roof, 2x 6 construction on a slab.  It will do nicely for us to live in for a few years until we are ready to build a new house next to it and convert it to a pool hall, dance hall.

The image above is from a really neat online tool I have been using to plan out the construction.  It is  It is perfect to design and test ideas.  Here is the link to the existing building.  Check out the 3D view it is really neat.

After 14 revisions this is the build design plans we will be working from.


The above image is the final design that we are shooting for.  I think that some things will probably change a bit as I get to actual construction but I cannot find anything else that requires changing in this design.  Here is the link to the Final Design.

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