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Lots and lots of wood
Straight to the Source

For my birthday, I had a log truck deliver 12 loggers cords of wood.  A loggers cord is 128 square feet of wood.  A face cord, is what most people purchase already split.  A loggers cord is 3 face cords.  A face cord pretty much fills up the box on my pickup, so this works out to about 36 pickup trucks full of wood.  The cost for this was $1000 delivered.  $83 per loggers cord.  We had paid $60 per face cord, split at the beginning of the year, for the same volume of wood that would have cost $180.  I can say that each loggers cord easily has $120 worth of hard work in cutting and splitting it.

Since we are now heating with wood, and our consumption is still up in the air, this wood will last us at least 2 years.  That allows us to get it nice and dry, and then order another truck next year to stay ahead of the use, allowing a minimum of one year to dry before burning.  We also needed a chainsaw, never had a need for one in the city.  After a bunch of looking around the Stihl Farmboss MS290 seemed like a good fit.  It ran great when I used it to cut and split a face cord last weekend.

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