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Left hand glove has split along the seam.
Mending a Pair of Work Gloves

I found these work gloves a few years ago and they are really nice.  Thin enough to feel what you are doing but durable enough to stop splinters and keep your hands from getting cut.  They are even comfortable enough that I wear them on the motorcycle or just walking the dog.

They are not expensive, $6 a pair or something but I had a pair that split near the cuff.  I have several pairs of new ones, but the ones that are broken in are so much more comfortable.  I got out the needle, thread, and scissors and fixed them.  All men should new how to sew about as good as I can.  It is really nice to be able to repair things instead of having to buy them new all the time.  These gloves were perfectly fine still just in need of a little care.

Left hand glove has split along the seam.











First seam resewn.











Repair Complete.

Really awesome hand sewing job.

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