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New Boots, and an Amazing shoe store.

This past weekend the wife and I had to do some serious running around.  That entailed a pickup truck full of wood, new boots, the laundromat, groceries, A&W, Walgreen’s, checking out some property for sale and some other places that I am probably forgetting.

There are a few take-a-ways from this trip.  Old fashioned shoe stores are awesome! Wood is heavy, running errands when you live 1 hour from town, is serious business.  It is a full days work.  We left the house at 9am and returned about 2 pm.  I guess that is not a full day but it was a long one.

On to the shoes.  I have been wearing Red-Wing Boots for at least the last 10 years.  I loved them, very comfortable and they hold up well.  However, they are shipping more and more production to China.  I don’t mind paying for USA quality footwear.  In passing conversation with my neighbor, Thorogood Shoes come up.  I store that away in my brain to look into when we arrive at Bear Shoe Works in Superior.

Most awesome shoe store on the planet.

The guy who helped me out instantly recognized my boots and handed me the exact same pair.  I told him I was interested in trying on the the Thorogood’s and he then gave me the exact comparable pair to the ones I was wearing.  They were $40 cheaper and he goes on to tell me they are actually made in WI.  How about that.  I was sold.  I wore them out of the store.  That is not all, they are going to resole my old boots in about a week because they actually do that in the store.  How awesome is that.  Not to mention they gave us both free T-Shirts to celebrate their 100th year anniversary.

There is nothing I enjoy more than someone who takes pride in what they do and are good at it.  I don’t care if that person is cleaning floors, or investing millions of dollars in the stock market.  Doing your job to the best of your ability, and being good at it is a skill that is sorely lacking in many places today. Besides they have a stuffed bear in the store. By the way I could have gotten these boots online for $20 cheaper but, I like the service and the fact that they will fix them.  Yea, they repair them instead of making you buy a whole new pair.  This place is a gem.

Shoe Bear

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