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The Polycarbonate and battens going up on the new purlins.
Greenhouse Repair Stage 1

I helped out a bit doing some greenhouse repair around the homestead this weekend.  It was a nice experience.  I am really looking to get some more experience with construction related skills as I look forward to building my own place.  Helping out around here is a great way of doing that.  Stuff gets done that needs to get done and I walk away with a little bit more experience building things.

The bathroom basement of the house we just sold was the largest project I have ever tackled and that really stretched my comfort level.  I am hoping to continue to do that as I begin to get settled in here.

Greenhouse with old roof off.

Here is the greenhouse building with the roof off and the new 2×4 pine purlins installed.  The old ones were 2×2 cedar and not nearly as strong as the new ones we installed.

Property owner and jobsite foreman keeping everyone in line

The Polycarbonate and battens going up on the new purlins.

The old panels went back up, with a little bit of acrobatics.  The seams are covered with 1x 4 cedar battens.  The battens have been sealed using an interesting product called butyl tape.  It is sort of a caulk tape.  It comes on a roll and you lay it out then remove the tape from the other side.  Similar to two sided foam tape.

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