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Fountain Pens I am Considering.

I have had my eyes on a getting a fountain pen for quite a while.  I have been more interested in writing lately and I seem to have a fascination with doing that writing with both a computer and handwritten.  I was bored one night and decided to do some research on fountain pens, how to use them and which models are affordable. Then I was sucked into the internet vortex and spent a few hours wandering around looking at amazingly written paragraphs of script, YouTube Videos on different pens, and countless reviews of pens.

A nice site I found is titled Beginner’s Guide to Fountain Pens, the pen that jumped out at me from these reviews was the Lamy Safari.  This pen seemed like a great starter pen because it is a utility pen, all function with a simple and reserved design.  It comes in many colors, takes cartridges or a converter to used bottled ink. Retailing for about $30 this pen is very affordable.

Lamy Safari

Another pen I came across was the Pelikan Pelikano a pen designed for school children.  I figure that this pen would be great for an adult just learning to write with a fountain pen if it is designed to be durable enough for children to use.  It comes in some pretty loud colors so it is not going to be the most stylish thing to haul out at a business meeting.  However for learning to use one, write letters, or thank you notes it could be ideal.  This pen retails for about $18 it is very in expensive.

Pelikan Pelikano

I did end up getting a disposable pen the Pilot Varsity from a friend.  I have written a few letters with the varsity and it has been totally trouble free.  In my opinion it writes fairly nice, clean, and smudge free.  I enjoyed it much more than a ball point but I have a feeling one of these other pens will be a big step up.

Pilot Varsity

Surely I could just order one of these or hundreds of other pens from Amazon but I think I might like the whole experience of buying one.  I found a local pen shop in Milwaukee, Daly’s Pen Shop.  Unfortunately it is located inside a mall, a dying mall but a mall no less.  I will take a trip down there after the Holiday and check the place out.


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