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Ruger Mark III 22/45 Stainless Joins the Stable


Another trip to Gander Mountain.  This time to their Gun World location in Germantown.  This place is pretty amazing as far as selection goes.  Prices not so amazing.  Basically they have just about every popular gun and a lot of not so popular ones as well.

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After a bit of browsing around and finally getting a chance to look at the Marlin 1895 Guide Gun, Gander Mountain wanted way too much for it in my opinion.  I saw some Ruger Mark III’s.  I was hoping for a blued bull barrel but of course they only had it in stainless.  I decided that I would have a lot more fun and get more use out of that right now than the 45/70, not to mention much cheaper to shoot.  Luck would have it they did not have any in stock and the display model had a scratch or tool mark on the slide.  I asked the guy to knock some money off the price for these defects.

He called a manager.  This was another cute young girl.  What is it with Gander mountain and cute young girl managers.  I am noticing a trend here.  Perhaps they think that most of their demographic will be wooed by boobies and stop complaining? Was not going to work on me.  They would not move on the price and told me that I could come back as they get Rugers in on a regular basis, but they have no way to know when one would come in.  I tried to get them to give me anything a discount on other items.  Nothing.  They are too big to care about loosing one customer.  Sad really.

I need to find a local gun shop that actually cares about their customers because these mega stores could care less if you buy something because some other schmuck will if you don’t.  Either way.  I bought it and now I wait. I just don’t understand the 48 hour wait.  I have a lot of other guns so waiting for this one is certainly not going to stop a crime.  I really think the stores love it because they make you come back and you might buy something else like ammo or targets.  Either way it is another law gone wrong.  Inconveniencing the law abiding citizens.

I am really looking forward to shooting this thing.  I am going to run a ton of ammo through it.  I hope that I can even get outside and shoot some steel targets with it.  I think it will do wonders for my pistol handling to be able to shoot so much for so cheap.

One Response to Ruger Mark III 22/45 Stainless Joins the Stable

  1. Jordan says:

    I like the 22/45, it’s a nice addition to the mark III family. I’m thinking a nice blued one is in my not too distant future.

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