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New Games: Munchkin Zombies, Zombie Fluxx











Last night we played some new games.  Munchkin Zombies and Zombie Fluxx.  I have played Munchkin Zombies, with friends, in the past and it was a blast.  All of them are gamers, though, and my two partners for these games were not.

I have a soft spot for zombies.  Those lovingly dumb and scary zombies never cease to amuse me.  Games, TV, Movies, if they have zombies in them, I am interested.

Both of these games were great fun.  Having played the original Munchkin with my gamer friends, and enjoying it, Munchkin Zombies was pretty simple to learn and play.  Liking the Munchkin system, adding zombies was a total plus.

My partners tonight, who had never played Munchkin before and never played role-playing games, the experience was quite different.  The play seemed restricted, and I found myself explaining things that would be familiar to a role-playing gamer.  Also I noticed that this frustrated my non-gaming partners a lot.  They got the hang of it by the second game but both said the game made them angry.  That seems fair, Munchkin really does a great job at mocking role-playing games so it seems fair that the humer is lost with non-gamers.

Zombie Fluxx for non-gamers was a riot.  I have not tested this out on my gamer friends but I think it will be a huge hit with them as well.  None of us have ever played a Fluxx game.  Online they get great reviews, encouraging me to try out this version.  Following the rules was a bit difficult the first few plays through.  We did follow the instructions and take out the zombies for the first 3 games to understand the Fluxx system.  By the 3rd play through we had a really good grasp on the system, it is pretty simple.  Draw 1, play 1 unless some cards change it.  By the end it can get a bit tough to remember all the rules in play but that is part of the fun.

Next we added the zombies into the deck.  This took Fluxx to a new level of insanity.  The amount of rules, rule changes, and zombie hilarity know no bounds.  We played another 3 rounds with the zombies in the deck and each game got better and better as we really learned to manipulate the rules.  The order that you play cards in this games is crucial and added an interesting element of strategy.  The non-gamers gave Zombie Fluxx a big thumbs up and the game came up in conversation quite a bit about how crazy and fun the game was.

Cost of these games was $25 for Munchkin Zombies and $16 for Zombie Fluxx at my local game store.  Both were great, lots of fun but in my opinion Munchkin Zombies is more for Munchkin players or those who enjoy role-playing games.  That is not to say that some people who are not familiar with role-playing games would not like it, just an observation.  Zombie Fluxx is great for just about anyone who enjoys crazy card games.

I need to try out some of the other Fluxx expansions.  I saw a Monty Python one that seems to be a must by and maybe the original version.  I am a Fluxx fan for life, the game system is so much fun, I want to play it quite a bit more.

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