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I hate Christmas

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For the past several years I have felt a very large dislike (hatred) for the Christmas Holidays.  It started when the stores started putting Christmas crap up earlier and earlier.  Add to that Christmas music, which is the most abhorrent music ever.  It is an aural assault and every crappy “music star” has to record their own version of it to pollute the radio waves with.

On top of all of this I work for a major retailer so I feel terrible that I contribute to this commercialisation of overconsumption.  I don’t actually produce any of the sales garbage but I do support all of the designers and machinery that put it into motion.  I enjoy the giving and receiving of gifts as much as the next person but I really enjoy home made gifts or time spent more than someone buying me something.  With one exception, buying me some beer or booze is acceptable year round and it will be greatly enjoyed.


For the past couple weeks, I have felt my energy slowly being drained.  I wonder if this is because of nearing the solstice and the days being so short.  It could also be school, or work being crazy but it seems like everything just wants to take from me and nothing gives back to replenish the reserves.  I am dreading all of the “family” time coming up and all I can think about is buying land, working on it to build a house and getting out of the city.  Far enough away that people won’t expect me to come and visit.  I want to spend my winter holiday preparing for the longer days, planting a garden or walking in the woods with my dogs.

I might spend some time crafting a few small gifts for close friends and family but I hate the stores, hate the mindless zombies at them doing stupid things like camping out to buy TVs.  It really makes me ill and I just want to segregate myself from this stupidity.

Now enough whining, while searching for some hate christmas materials I came across Krampus.  This is a holiday I can get behind.  Dressing up like devils and harassing people as well as “birching virgins”  It sounds like Halloween part 2.  I might need to get something like this going in my town.


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