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Hand Written Thank You Notes

I am not sure how many people still write thank you notes for gifts much less write them by hand any more?  I had always never felt much of a desire to write them or receive them.  That is until I became fascinated with fountain pens and handwriting.  I am pretty sure that this desire comes from my determination and fascination to do things “old ways”.

This fountain pen is a Pilot Varsity disposable pen that I borrowed from a friend, who also happens to have a fetish for fountain pens.  His fetish is much more expensive than mine at this point.  I have yet to actually purchase one of my own but I have narrowed the options a bit and am looking forward to taking a trip to the pen shop.  Yes, we actually still have a pen shop in this city.  It will be a fun day.  I have a post in the works on some of the pens I am looking at and will finish it shortly.

I liken my fascination to these pens to other things in my life that require a ritual.  Making coffee, or tea, in my house is always whole bean and loose leaf.  Both require a ritual of preparation that enhances the pleasure for me.  I get the sensations of grinding the beans, and smelling them, not to mention a far superior cup of coffee or tea.  Another similarity is preparing food, most meals here are lovingly crafted from whole ingredients, again requiring preparation.

I think that the act of taking out paper, inking a pen, and then writing, slowly because the words take much longer to form this way than typing, completes the act.  It provides sensations that are not present with a computer which spits out perfect type every time.  These thank you letters are unique, crafted by me solely for the recipient.  This lets them know that I really appreciated their gift with a little bit of my time and creativity.

Everyone should try sending a handwritten letter or note to someone.  It will really brighten their day and yours by writing it.

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  1. Rosemary Norton says:

    I just wrote over 20 thank-you notes for Nonni to people who sent flowers, mass cards, and to co-workers of Aunt Ann who came to her celebration of life in Bedford, Massachusetts. We were stunned by the number of Aunt Ann’s co-workers who came to pay their respects. One gentleman traveled all night by bus from Baltimore to attend. Aunt Ann must have surely impacted people’s lives in ways that we did not know. It was a joy to tell them how much their friendship meant to Aunt Ann and to us, knowing that her work family was helping her maintain her daily dignity.

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