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Gander Mountain – Glad I don’t work the gun counter.


Today I went with my Wife to pick up her new Ruger LCP.  Here is an account of what I saw to the best of my recollections.  Names have not been changed because those named have done nothing wrong.

Gander was an absolute mess, especially the gun counter.  There was easily 10 people waiting and only two guys working.  It was not looking good at this point.  We needed some other stuff like .380 ammo and some cleaning patches for the guns so I planted the Wife in line while I went shopping.  When I got back it was only another 10 minutes or so till a nice gentleman named Clayton helped us out.  He seemed a bit flustered but worked quickly processing the pickup of the new handgun.

He noticed a few things on the paperwork that needed changing such as spelling out Wisconsin rather than WI and a few signatures that needed to be applied.  At this point he needed a Manager to complete the transaction.  He paged 3 times at a minimum at which time a young lady comes traipsing out of the back room and states, “I told you that you don’t need a manager for XXXXX system any longer last week, just enter your numbers.” At this point Clayton, obviously frustrated, states that no one had informed him of the change.  She proceeds to push him out of the way going on about how so and so was supposed to inform everyone of this change so they did not need to BOTHER the managers for this any longer.

During this time another sales person needs to purchase a firearm from another customer and inquires if Clayton can help with this.  He cannot because he has not been trained to do that.  The managers stalks off to processes this grumbling the whole time that everyone should know how to do this.  The whole time I am standing there dumbstruck.  Who berates employees in front of customers?  Well apparently, cute 20 something managers at Gander Mountain do.  Clayton could have been this girl’s father they were that far apart in age.

This guy, Clayton was nothing but professional and even if he was a seasonal or part-time employee was completely able to process this transaction.  He was nothing short of a pleasure to interact with.  This manager’s behavior was deplorable.  I felt embarrased for Clayton, having to put up with being treated like that from a manager.  I no nothing of his financial situation but I am sure, he needs this job, as many do right now.  I will be sending a letter to the store manager, because this is not acceptable behavior, in public.  Never chastise employees in front of customers.  Take them in back and allow them to keep some of their dignity.  They are already working in retail and that is hard enough without snotty kid managers berating them in front of customers.

One Response to Gander Mountain – Glad I don’t work the gun counter.

  1. jack johnson says:

    this is all to common in the work place these young kids think they are all powerful.
    when the hole system resets they will be looking to us old guys to help them not to starve.

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