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Cleaning Confusion – Organizational Issues

Clean Desk

I finally got around to cleaning up my desk a bit.  It tends to be a dumping zone for just about everything I happen to be carrying when I reach the end of my house.  I spent some time cleaning it up, dusting and reorganizing all of the cables.  The issue that I have is even when I clean there is always a small pile of things that just don’t seem to have a home.  They sit there and breed, when I am not watching them, and spread until they have completed their domination of my workspace.

Rebel Items

Here is a closeup of the rebel items staged for breeding and the ultimate takeover.  I need to develop a strategy for dealing with these items.  I have tried moving them to another place, in their current form but then they breed there.  I have tried to disperse them in smaller configurations but like mold that only seems to hasten their growth.  I have even tried to place them in a box, hidden away but then I spend 30 minutes looking for one of the items.

There does not seem to be a suitable method for dealing with this clutter.  I am open to any suggestions the internets may provide.  I need to curtail these things before they take over my desk again.

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