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CCW First Impressions – Range Day

Today, I exercised my rights to carry concealed for the first time.  This was a big step in my mind.  There are a lot of legal and safety ramifications of carrying a loaded firearm in public.  I went to three places while carrying today and all of them went well and felt comfortable.

First we went to Gander Mountain so the Wife could pick up her new Ruger LCP 380.  Gander was a mess, read more about it here.  The whole time I was out and about, I was looking for signs prohibiting concealed carry.  I did not see any at Gander, but they do have have a sign that says all firearms and bows need to be checked at the front desk.  Reading further it states that this does not apply to people legally carrying open or concealed.  That meant I was good to go.

I did have a bit of a snag getting out of the truck in the parking lot here,  The magazine popped out of my FN.  I had read about this being a problem with the ambidextrous magazine release and the crossbreed holster.  I need to stop leaning so hard against the release button.  The crossbreed was really comfortable walking around though.  I can tell it is starting to break in nicely now.

Marlin Guide Gun 1895GBL .45-70 Government

Then it was off to Badger Guns for a little range time with the LCP and FNX-9.  Range time was great as usual.  I  have been on the lookout lately, with my holiday funds for a Marlin 1895GBL so I asked at both Gander and Badger if they had one.  Neither did, and Badger appears to still be having ATF issues because they cannot order one for me or process and FFL transfer if I order one online.

This saddens me because I really feel that they are scapegoats for the criminal shit that takes place in Milwaukee.  They sell guns to legal buyers who then give or sell them to criminals.  When they are used in a crime, they come back to Badger, and the ATF took their license away.  How is that fair.  A business operating within the laws cannot control what their customers do with the product after they leave the building.  That is the same as holding McDonalds responsible for someone tossing a full shake out the window at 65MPH and it kills someone.  I don’t see how the liablity rests with the company selling the product in either situation.

I have bought several guns form Badger because they are close to my house.  Their range is decent, affordable and reasonably safe.  They are always nice and professional when I go in there.  Prices are not outrageous and they have decent stock, or they did before the ATF issue.

FNX-9 25ft 50rds


Here is my paper from today.  Not too bad considering that I am still breaking in this pistol.  I have about 500 rds through it now and am really liking the combat sights.  Basically the you obscure what you want to hit and line up all three dots.  The bullets go right where you put them in a defensive situation this is ideal.

In fact at 25 feet I am really aiming more with the front blade than anything.  It seems to be working really well.  I am not too sure why I am spattering a few shots down and to the left.  I think this might be a grip issue.  I don’t think I am anticipating recoil because this pistol barely recoils at all .

Well, I need to spend more time at the range and will do so, every couple weeks I go and keep getting better.  I do need to find some better range ammo.  The UMC is junk.  Out of 100 rds today I have 5 that would not feed.  There is a shoulder on the cartridge that prohibits them fitting in the barrel.  Not much quality control with this stuff I am thinking that is why it is so cheap.

Finally, I slid a still warm pistol into my holster, packed up and stopped off at the Speedway gas station.  No prohibited CCW there either.  No more issues with the magazine popping out either.  Came home and taught the Wife to clean her new gun.  I have never seen someone so excited to clean a gun before.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.

I will post a bit of a review of the LCP in the future but it was a nice pistol and it looks to serve her well.

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