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Wilford Costume

For Halloween this year I did my best Wilford Brimley impression.  For you younger folks may not recognize this icon of television and movies.  He was on the Walton’s TV show, a terrible show that resulted in the phrase “Good night John-Boy” that is used ad-naseum.  His best known movie role being in Cocoon.  He has has developed a hilarious cult following due to his LIberty Medical and Quaker Oats commercial advertisements.  A picture of Brimley is below.

The Man Himself - Wilford Brimley

Hundreds of Video Remixes from Brimley’s Commercials have been posted on you-tube.  My two personal favorites are posted below.




Here are two of the props that I made for the costume.  I just cut out the lettering on my vinyl plotter and stuck it on a drill case I had laying around.  The T-Shirt used heat transfer vinyl and a heat press.  I still wear that shirt and I get some good laughs from people who figure it out.

Wilford Brimley Costume Props.

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